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Small business marketing does not have to be complicated. It does not have to be expensive either.For under $100 a month, you can have all your clients at the tip of your fingers with text marketing. Instantly send a message to thousands of your customers to: bring them in during slow times, try a new menu item, alert them of company news, etc. There are endless campaign ideas we will help you with. This platform works especially well for retail merchants, but can work for any small business. SMS business marketing is the answer you've been looking for. With text, you'll increase revenue, engage customers, and grow your business.Turn the occasional customer into the regular customer with texting! Let us show you how text message marketing can work for your small business..

Text Message Marketing Data 

​SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a "text message".SMS business marketing is revolutionizing marketing and advertising strategies across the country. Studies indicate that consumers prefer to receive notifications by text but few merchants are following suit. We can send affordable, branded, bulk SMS text messages on behalf of your business. Just complete the form above and  we'll send you all the information you need to make an informed decision on retail text marketing and other texting uses. ​SMS business marketing will invigorate your business and take it to the next level. Whether you're a retail merchant or other small business, we can help. There may be other unique marketing ideas for your business but SMS business marketing is the most effective:  

Text messages have a 98% open rate while email is well under 20%

  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes
  • On average it takes a person at least 90 minutes to respond to an e-mail but under 90 seconds to respond text message notification
  • 70% of mobile searches result in action within 1 hour
  • Sales prospects  sent text messages convert at a rate of 40% higher and those who sent by other means.

If your small business wants to reach your Target customer you need to first understand the consumer. It's called it customer retention marketing and involves a dynamic and ongoing relationship with your customers. In order to create brand loyalty and build relationships with customers you have to meet them they spend most of their time. This is of course their cell phone! Most studies agree people prefer to receive communication by text our text. Text message marketing campaigns are all "Opt In" which means that these customers truly do want to receive your messages. Here's some things to keep in mind when considering a texting campaign for your business:The bottom line is that text message marketing will reach your customers. Text message marketing creates tremendous customer engagement and an opportunity to better understand the customer. Remember it's all about relationship building. You can even send surveys via text campaign for feedback.

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Text Message Marketing is Cost Effective

What are you doing currently to market your business and how much does it cost you? Is the marketing effective? Dollar for dollar, texting is the cheapest form of advertising AND the most effective.For under $100 a month you can reach thousands of customers, instantly.We show you step by step how to get more customers, which means more money for your business.

Text Message Marketing Drives Repeat Business

Viral marketing, Relationship marketing, Brand marketing: They are more than just buzz words for getting repeat customers to your business. Consumers love texting, yet small businesses are slow to adopt SMS marketing. Old school marketing and advertising does NOT work. We can show you how to incorporate your social media presence into your text campaign to generate massive response. Bottom line? We get you more foot traffic, more folks through the door ready to spend money. We can even show you how to build an online presence with text marketing. Everyone texts and everyone checks their texts regularly. A texting service is simple to use and inexpensive to run. Let us get you started today.

Think Your Business Doesn't Need Text Marketing?

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